The Inquisitor

I have always had a thing for the Warhammer 40k Inquisition. The background story is full of character, atmosphere and potential. All of the Inquisition has access to the most exotic and custom wargear.

I have played table-top roleplaying games for years, and have always built models for my own, and my friends, characters. I have all the images of my characters in my head, and bringing them to life is something I have always done. Some time ago, we started playing Dark Heresy, and therefore it was obvious that I start creating my characters for that campaign!

When I started building my characters, back in the day, I just kit-bashed Games Workshop bits. But now that my sculpting skills have gotten better, it was natural that I built my characters from scratch instead.

Unfortunately, the inquisition miniatures that are available from GW do not live up to the potential of the setting at all! So, it is a blank slate for me to create characters where there are almost no restrictions as to gear and gadgets.


For this particular Inquisitor, I wanted to do some different things. The pose should be dynamic, and I decided that he should wear power armour. Of course, this could not be big bulky Space Marine power armour, but since the Inquisition can have almost everything custom made, I had room to make armour that fits the character perfectly. I also wanted to use some bits, so that I had some basis for the bionics and chest plate.

The right arm is a bionic, that was inspired by the artwork for the Imperial Guard character Colonel “Iron Hand” Straken. I wanted to make the bionic mimic musculature, but still have a distinct mechanical look. The plastic bit provided the underlying mechanics, and I modelled the overlying plating.


I started with an armature for the pose, and added the torso and both arms. I am used to working in pure green stuff, but this time I wanted to work in a milliput/green stuff blend. This blend can be worked into much sharper shapes than pure green stuff, so it was a good choice for this project. For smoothing, I use Vaseline, which posed some small issues when trying to bind a new layer to the existing ones.


After creating the basic armour, I started adding details. The fun part was creating all the small characterful details, such as purity seals, wires, and bionics. The skulls on the knees are a particularly fine detail, where the lower jaw follows the armour on the shin, making the mouth open when he bends his knees.


His loincloth was made to flow dynamically to underscore the dynamic pose, and the purity seals follow the same direction.

I am very happy with the end result, and with the praise it got at Monte San Savino Show 2016, I am spurred on to sculpt even more! But I will also paint this sculpt during the year, and I want to have it ready for Monte San Savino Show 2017.



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