Displays from MSS 2016

Here is a few choice pictures of my entries from Monte San Savino 2016!

The first is my Imperial Knight, that I entered into Standard Open. It is heavily reposed, and all the seals were hand-made.

The next is my display from Standard Painting, that was awarded a Gold medal.

The first is my Techmarine Explorer, which was made during Dogme 48 in 2016. The bulk of the work took around 48 hours, and then I shined it up for Monte, by adding some new servo-skulls.

Second is my Red Marine. It was made as a challenge from Tue, to use more bold colours, and I think I pulled it off very nicely!

Last up in this display, is my space wolves. I was inspired to make an entry where the plinth was integrated into the piece. The miniatures are the Deathwatch Space Wolf from the Deathwatch: Overkill set, and Wolf Lord Krom.

I also entered my Inquisitor into the Standard Green catagories for sculpting, which was awarded a Silver medal, and the Pocket Art special award. You can read about that sculpt in this post here on Chromanaut!

And finally, an almost complete group shot!

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