Post Dogma48 Bliss

Now that the dust has settled, it’s time to sum up and reflect on our Dogma48 workshop!

Finally, it was time for another Dogma48 workshop! It would be the first time Chromanauts new studio hosted the event, and the number of participants was nothing like we’ve ever seen – 12 great painters and friends participated during the weekend!

The first guys arrived a few hours before kickoff, and quickly started getting set up and hyped.

At 19:00, the first nine got started. Everyone quickly went to the construction of their bases and plinths, and time just flew by! As Friday wound down, and the first long night progressed, things started slowly coming together. Some went home to sleep, but a few brave souls burnt the midnight oil.

As the sun went up on Saturday, the last three joined the fray. All of saturday was a blur, as everyone got paint on their miniatures, and the atmosphere was full of creative energy. Again, some went home to rest and recuperate, while others stayed up for most of the night to slave away at their projects.

Sunday brought us to the end, and some amazing pieces were created! Some finished with good time to spare, while others spent every last minute they had.

We could not be happier with the whole event. Everyone had fun, and the creativity, sparring and team work was a sight to behold. We’ve gathered up a few comments from the participants, because their experiences from the workshop is what really matters!


Ben Curry
“Wow! What a fabulous 48 hours of hobby madness. To be honest I was not sure what to expect from Dogma48 in Copenhagen. Typically in the luxury of my hobby cave I have time to burn, and in hindsight this is why projects I start take months, if not years, to complete.

My path with the Chromanaut team crossed at the end of season Monte San Savino show in Italy and we immediately clicked. Their approach to projects and enthusiasm for the art is certainly infectious, so I knew when Dogma48 was announced that I should make every effort to attend.

The basic premise is to take a project from start to finish in a solid 48 hours of time. To anyone at ‘hobby’ level this would seem an impossible task, but having just done exactly that I can tell you that with planning and a careful approach to time management that it is more than possible!

The travel from Nottingham to Copenhagen airport and then onwards to Ben Currythe studio was effortless and helped along by Bo and Torben, two of the team. The studio itself was down some basement stairs and into a complex of rooms which are used for various hobby/art activities.

I arrived with some time to spare and set my area up in a corner and already the atmosphere was saturated with creativity, this always happens when you gather around passionate people and helps to build the anticipation to start.

My project was Barrio Guy from Industria Mechanica. I’ve seen a few versions of this piece done mostly along the lines of a shady character. I wanted to differentiate myself from this by showing a working man side, perhaps a reformed criminal or maybe someone unfairly judged against by their looks. I had pictured him in a locker room scene as a cleaner or janitor.

When the clock struck 19:00 we were off! Having other people around you is invaluable to be able to solve problems which inevitably crop up during both build and paint stages. Everyone pitches in with their experience and you will find that your project quickly advances. Having the guiding hand of Tue was also invaluable, as the winner of multiple awards his credentials have no doubt and he was very enthusiastic about everyone’s projects.

The benefits of holding this in a group environment and particularly within a studio setup for this cannot be understated. There was an abundance of spare parts and odds and ends which ‘make’ a project. Whilst I brought what I thought I needed, I still found that the project worked better with some of the items in the studio kindly donated by Tue and the team.

I was worried that I would have to forgo sleep and eating in order to meet the tight deadline, but these fears were quickly extinguished. Sleep wise I managed 6 hours or so Fri-Sat and then 5 hours on the Sat-Sun. Food/drink was plentiful; mostly you had to be reminded to take a break which helped with keeping a fresh perspective on your work in progress.

I planned my time quite well and was able to get the piece to a point that I considered ‘finished’ with a mere hour to spare, elated that I had achieved something that I’ve historically never been able to do: Focus on something to make quick progress.

In terms of learning, I’ve picked up more about what priorities my own projects need to have, as well as trying for the first time using watercolour for tattoo/freehand (Thanks Tue). I have gained a new understanding of timescales and in conversations with others there what works or not for composition.

I cannot thanks the lads in Copenhagen enough. Firstly for putting on such a fab event, being welcoming and understanding when idjits visit their studio forgetting Denmark doesn’t use Euros (doh!) but also for doing something genuine for those who love the hobby. If you get the chance (and I am informed there will be more) then I thoroughly recommend you take the plunge and book a place on the event, I’ll see you there!”

Mads Seit JespersenMads Seit Jespersen
“Dogma48 is something unique as it gives your 48 hours to finish a project from start to finish. It also puts you in a room with a bunch of other like-minded modellers, which creates an inspiring environment and gives the opportunity of direct and fast feedback – something that can be hard to get if you are not painting in a club or something akin to that.

During the 48 hours, I was forced to push myself and make decisions faster than I normally would. This enticed me to be more free with the choice of direction and techniques applied to the model resulting in a more organic, fluid and fun way of painting and modelling. As I am in the process of becoming a more relaxed painter, this is simply an indispensable lesson that would have been hard to learn in any other way.

Dogma48 is an intense but truly fun and rewarding experience. I look forward to attending again in August!”

Steffen Søgaard JensenSteffen Søgaard Jensen
“This was my first Dogma48 event, and I arrived quite unprepared with a handful of potential models tossed in a box along with some tools and some paints. I chose the classic Arch Confessor Kyrinov model by GW, as I have wanted to paint the model for ages. Since I arrived Saturday morning and would leave again Sunday around 4 in the afternoon, I was already short on time, and chose a project that wasn’t too demanding.

I forgot to pack basing materials, but luckily Tue was able to save me with his vast collection of bits. I decided to go with a classic ruin setting with some classic 40k elements added, and I got the base built within a few ours and was able to start painting.

I didn’t finish the model, but it was a great lesson in time management, and I am confident that I will be able to finish a project next time around with a little careful pre-planing and some more focus on prioritizing in the painting process.”

Jens Riber Poulsen

Jens Riber Poulsen
“Dogma48 is an intense experience. A bunch of really talented guys stuck together with the single purpose of making whatever good idea comes to mind. Some has planned weeks in advance, some only just decided what to paint when they left home and some never gave it a thought and just brought multiple models.

When push comes to shove, everyone is hell-bent on getting their piece done in the 48 hours they have and ideas fly around the room. It’s a tornado of ideas, techniques and materials and in the end… it all results in some wonderfully magnificent models. Everyone goes home exhausted, smelly and really happy with their result and possibly even more great ideas for models in the future.”

Jakob Skovgaard VillienJacob Skovgaard Villien
“I decided to paint the shaman from Demiurge Miniatures, and I really wanted to things a lot differently than how I usually go about painting models. Usually I paint in a lot of colours for a really long time on the same model, and have a hard time finding the balance in the model in regards to colour theme and mood.

So Dogma was perfect for challenging me to paint in a different way and within a certain time frame. I spent a lot of hours experimenting with the airbrush and could not make it work. Steffen, my neighbouring painter, decided to push me a bit and put a lot of vibrant inks on it with a rough hand, and it changed to setting of the model.

From there I knew exactly what to do, and felt like it instantly changed how to go about painting. Theory suddenly made more sense in a practical manner, and I was able to finish it within the time frame. In the end it used a lot of contrasts. Light and dark, warm and cold, the moon and fire. I am very pleased with the result, and Dogma48 was a perfect setting to push me out of my comfort zone!”

Frederik TipsmarkFrederik Høj Tipsmark
“Phew, what a weekend! It was a challenging, but altogether fun and amazing experience.

For me, the main goal of the weekend was to actually produce a competition entry. I got into miniature painting about 2,5 years ago and had never undertaken a project of this scope and size before. Heck, I’ve never even painted something above tabletop standard before. And if it hadn’t been for the amazing people around me, I don’t know that I would have finished. Throughout the weekend, a constant exchange of tips, tricks, do’s and dont’s were exchanged between everyone attending. And I believe this raised the quality of everything produced to a much higher level than if we’d undertaken this venture individually.

Aside from this, having people around you all the time, to joke and talk with can really keep your spirits and energy up, especially when your body is running low on sleep and motivation.

I can only recommend for everyone to gather a group of friends and kindred spirits and try it out for themselves!”

Torben Ryde PedersenTorben Ryde Pedersen
“First of all. I was hoping for a good, smooth and well-visited event, and I must say, that’s just what I got.

My target for Dogma48 was simply to finish. Getting a project done have always been an issue for me; it’s always been about spending a lot of time making sure everything was as good as I possibly could make it. I want it to be perfect.

Having to make something perfect in 48 hours is rough though, and this particular Dogma48 was especially rough for me. My projects tend to grow, almost like weeds, and quite often bordering on out of control. The project I chose for this Dogma48 was, in hindsight, too big. It led to me almost packing up and going home halfway through the event. I entered in a very negative spiral of thought of stress and self-doubt, because I convinced myself that my work was bad and everyone was doing way better than me, eroding my joy and fun in the project.

I pulled through though! And that’s my proudest moment of my Dogma48! I hit the bedrock, and managed to get it under control again. This tought me alot about project size, motivation and why I do what I do. A painful, but very valuable lesson.

Next Dogma48 will be a smaller project, for sure. I did prove that I could finish a big, beautiful project in 48 hours – but the fun got lost, and that I will not allow to happen next time.”

Tue KaaeTue Kaae
“The most important thing for me, in the weeks leading up to the event, was for the event itself to be a success.

Community and skill-sharing is very close to my heart and something I spend a great deal of energy investing into. We’re much stronger working as a team, and Dogma48 embodies this to the extreme.

In the normal day-to-day running of Chromanaut, I’m slowly taking on a more guidance and tutor-like function, so going in to Dogma48, I knew that making something small would be a good idea. As it turns out, I should have chosen something even smaller, as I alas didn’t get it done in time.

I did have a wonderful time, none the less, and this is an important experience! I thoroughly enjoy helping others and seeing their projects take shape. I love making people think about why they do as they do, and forcing people over their personal barriers and arriving at a better place on the other side.

Dogma48 tought me two major things: First, for the next Dogma48, I’m contemplating taking on even more of a mentor role, possibly not making a project myself, but just dedicating myself to improving other people’s project. Secondly, I need to set up some workshops, like proper weekends dedicated to one subject.”

Bo BjerregaardBo Bjerregaard
“It felt like I had spent days pondering and pining over how the workshop would go, and what project I even wanted to do for it. Then, suddenly, the starting-whistle sounded, and everything started going really fast!

I love being at Dogma48! It is so inspirational to be in a room with that much creative mojo in the air, and the way people spar and help each other. I’m so happy that all the projects came together so beautifully, but also how people came together and had so much fun.

This workshop is without a doubt the one where I have learned the most, and even though I am extremely proud of my work, I am even more happy to have been part of such a great event.”

In closing, everyone here at Chromanaut wants to say a heartfelt “Thank you!” to everyone who came to Dogma48, and made it a fantastic weekend! You guys are amazing, and we are so glad we got to spend an entire weekend working with you all!

We hope to see you again at the next Dogma48 in August 2017!


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  1. Great write up guys. It was a super event and i left with more creative mojo than i arrived with! I will be booking a place on the next one as this is something truly unique in the miniature event calendar and something everyone should try 😀

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