An idea takes shape

In June, Chromanaut participated in The Fang: The Games Workshop painting competition at the Warhammer store in Copenhagen. We went to help build our community, and of course show of our work in the competition. We had a live painting demo set up, and we got a much more out of it than we had anticipated!

When we got the OK to do a painting demo at the event, we naturally had to figure out what to do… Since we had around 3-4 hours, and there was four of us, we could plan a rotation, because having one person paint for four hours was definitely not going to fly.

But four one-hour demos on different miniatures would be boring, because people wouldn’t be able to follow any sort of progress.


Then we had an idea! Inspired by a story Roman Lappat told us about a private coaching he had done, we decided that all of us should use the same miniature – but not just four variants of the same model, but all of us taking turns to paint on the exact same miniature!

It worked out perfectly! We complemented each other’s skills well, but there was also room for throwing the next guy in line some curveballs. Memorably, Tue, who handed Bo the mini with the words: “Here, I started on some NMM. Have fun!”


Since everything went so well, we got to thinking: What if it was not just us for four hours, but a full day with many participants?

The spirit of Chromanaut is learning and having fun, and we decided that this concept was part and parcel with that spirit.

As with Dogma48, the concept is very simple:
Everyone brings a miniature of their own. Then in the first hour, everyone works on their own miniature, but after that, every hour, models will rotate randomly between the participants at the event! For the last hour, you get your miniature back to finish it. Easy!

Every miniature will have been a collaborative effort, and you get a great practical view into how others work. Everyone will have to work with something completely different than what they would have done themselves and improvise. And even better, everyone is both teacher and student at the same time!

We’ll try out this concept soon! I hope you find it interesting, and if you want to join the mayhem, keep up with the blog and the Chromanaut Facebook page.

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