Flats have always seemed like the strange little niche in the miniatures painting world, so of course I had to try my hand at one!

I’ve actually been looking for a flat that I wanted to paint for a while, mostly out of curiosity and a little bit to make fun of Torben. Torben has had some quite strong opinions on whether flats belonged at a miniatures competition (spoiler: he very much thought that they did not!), so I thought it would be fun to paint one to have a little fun with him. But the primary reason was to challenge myself, and to have fun!

Since the flat itself is from the Gerald Brom illustration Shade of Red, I felt heavily inspired to work with oils and go for a colour scheme like Brom’s.

I started with a base colour in acrylic, and built up volumes by sketching. Then I started using oil paints to build up the colours. The backdrop was done with oils as well.

Painting a flat was a lot different from the usual miniatures that I paint, and it was a great challenge in building volumes and thinking about light and shadow. Since there is no help from the sculpt, there’s a greater need to make up the volumes and shadows yourself.

I had so much fun painting this with oils, and I learned a lot about the whole process of sketching and volumes. I would definitely paint a flat again, if I can find one that speaks to me.

As for Torben, he says that the more illustrative approach that I took, might have convinced him that flats can have a place in a competition – which is a feat in itself!

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