Once more unto the breach

We opened the the studio up to hold another 48-hour show painting jam session! It’s Dogma48!

There was a lot of interest in our last Dogma48 workshop, and not everyone who wanted to were able to attend. So why not just hold another one?

This time around, there were nine participants, and even with people coming and going due to personal commitments, there was a constant hustle and bustle in the studio!

It was impressive to see the scope of projects that were undertaken: single models, kitbashes, busts and more!

 Bent Ejaas Torben Ryde Pedersen John Engstrand John Engstrand

Some comments from the participants are coming up; you guys are what makes Dogma48 a great event!

We want to thank everyone who came and made this Dogma48 a great time! We can’t really describe exactly how much we love having so many talented and inspiring people be part of the workshop, and we look forward to another Dogma48 in February 2018!

Christian Clausen

“As a newcomer to display-painting, Dogma 48 is almost a class-course in inspiration and various techniques as there is so much experience gathered in one spot and everyone is happy to share it with you.”




Jens Riber Poulsen

“Yet again, I found myself participating in another Dogme48 event. These events never cease to bring out the best in people. Ideas are being conjured by the second, techniques are shared all the time, good spirits all around. All in all, a jolly place to be.

This particular time, I wanted to test my skills on space marine power armor, and I wanted to advance my metal painting skills. So, I chose Nathaniel Garro from the Horus Heresy series from Forgeworld. A model I was given last year at Christmas by my girlfriend, and I have been looking forward to paint it ever since. Helped a great deal by the ever-present Tue Kaae (And of course also all the other participants) I made it within the time frame and I am very satified with the result. Hope to be there next time as well.”

Frederik Tipsmark

“This was my second Dogma48, and I made this one a bit more challenging for myself by not being able to participate the entire weekend. I used up all the time I had, finishing my project with only minutes to spare. Aside from the time pressure, I also decided to try my hand with OSL, something I had never attempted before. But in the spirit of Dogma48, I accepted the challenge and I really believe it became one of my best works to this date!

It does not really translate well in pictures as the light originates from the ground and lights up the underside of the clothing, but I really like how it turned out.

Of course, I couldn’t have pulled it off without the amazing people around me who were there to guide me and keep my spirits up. Thank you to everyone who participated, both old friends and the new ones I made, looking forward to next time!”

Bo Bjerregaard

“I’ve always said, that I feel that the most important part of Dogma48 is to have fun, and to learn. It’s such a concentrated blast of focused time, that you have an optimal possibility to try out new stuff in practice.

I had decided on a very ambitious project, in a “discipline” that I had never tried before: kitbashing. I’ve never been a bit fan of mashing plastic kits together, but I had an idea in my head that I needed to get out. This, I thought, would be the perfect occasion to knock out a great idea, and learn something.

And I certainly learned a lot of stuff this time around!

I felt that the project fought me every step of the way, both technically and artistically, and I lost my temper with it quite a few times during the process.

In the end, I learned not just some technical skills, but also some hard lessons on pressure and tilting under it.

But Dogma is a great event, and my fellow participants helped me along with advice and encouragement. That just goes to show that even if it feels like you’re in over your head, Dogma48 will help you breathe and get stuff done!”


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