A Plague Marine for charity

Sometimes a small, fun project can become something much more… And this time, one of those can hopefully help a good cause raise some money!

At the end of October, Chromanaut went to one of the biggest danish wargames conventions, to make a fun painting project, and show our presence. We’ve tried our hand at the concept before; people trade projects, and see what happens!

Tue and Bo started working on a Plague Marine, and a Stormcast Eternal; trading every hour, to progress on work that the other did. It was great to spend a day working on something less serious, where we could try out stuff that challenged ourselves and the guy who would take over the project shortly after. We all had a lot of fun with these, noncommittal, paintjobs, and left them on our “Teaching Projects” shelf in the workshop.

Well, until Morten from Nørdmarked (Nerd Market) approached us, and asked if we would donate a piece to their charity auction benefitting the Danish Children’s Cancer Association.

With Monte San Savino Show coming up, we were a little short of time to make something from scratch… but there on the shelf was an almost completed project! The Plague Marine needed a bit of work, but then it would be ready to go. Torben completed the project, that Tue and Bo had started, over a few evenings work – building the base and putting the finishing touches on the miniature.


Each of the Chromanauts had their hand in this piece, and goes to show what collaboration can do: how we can pull together to make a great cohesive piece of work, even with our own distinct styles.

And so, we could hand it over to the good guys of Nørdmarked, and we all hope that the piece can bring in some money for a good cause! The auction will be part of the Christmas marked on november 11!

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