Chromanaut goes to Monte San Savino Show 2016

Chromanaut sallied forth onto Italian soil to participate in the 2016 edition of the Monte San Savino Show!

The advanced scouting party arrived early in the week, and already on Thursday, we met up with the first of the many, many old and new friends we would meet again this year!img_2587Meeting old, and new, friends, is a key part of Monte San Savino. The athmosphere in Monte is like nowhere else in the world of miniature shows. Experiencing the ramp-up from a slow trickle of participants on thursday, to the massive number of people that attend the show at its peak, was fantastic.

As we approached dinner-time, the first of the rest of the Vikings landed! Having been able to scout out where the locals go for steak, we descended on a few (seven, to be precise) kilos of prime t-bone steak.


The food in Monte is great, and the restauranteurs are always happy to see you. This was no different, and the massive amount of “moo” that we were served, meant we were ready for the next three days of intense Monte San Savino action.

Monte San Savino is a beautiful Tuscan town. The old fort, which is the prime venue of the Show, had back in the day commanded a view of all the surrounding countryside. The town itself has been built up during the centuries, and is supremely inspirational, or as Tue commented “insufferably idyllic”.



The weather alternated between rainy and cloudy, but a little sun did ensure that there was opportunity for bare feet in Monte once again. But a little rain couldn’t take the amazing athmosphere out of Monte, and our photographer found some good motifs in the rainy gloom.


The Show had opened, and people were entering their works! There are so many beautiful pieces on display, and it is impossible to showcase them all. Suffice to say, that once again the entries at Monte blew us away.

If you want to see pictures of the pieces that were on show, please go see Mario Delg’s massive galleries:

Fantasy miniatures

Historical miniatures

The prize ceremony set a stunning climax for the weekend. Tue went home with gold in Master Fantasy Ambient; Torben got gold in Standard Fantasy Painting, as well as silver in Standard Fantasy Green; and Kristian was awarded Bronze in Historical Master Open. Tue also got the Special Award from Massive Voodoo and Scale Model Challenge, and Torben the award from PocketArt!


We wrapped up Monte with a good meal with all the Danes and then back home to the cold north.

We were not only full of amazing Italian food that Monte is known for, but also completely stuffed with impressions and inspiration from all the beautiful people and pieces from Monte. It is hard to overstate how much the extended family and friends in Monte means to us, and it is always the best part of Monte. You guys are what makes Monte so special!


Goodbye, Monte San Savino. Thank you all for everything! See you again next year!

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